Shipping F.A.Q

All orders in the EU require 3-5 Business Days of shipping. (New Way network Solutions LTD) will notify customer by email when order will leave its premises with shipping courier.

Shipping Options and Charges

  We can ship your order via four different postal services (depends on availability of service for your country, options shown at checkout process):

  1. UPS Logistics: Full tracking possible, all information at
  2. DHL Express: Full tracking possible, all information at
  3. DPD Ground shipping: Full tracking possible, all information at
    As EMS priority shipments cannot be tracked, (New Way network Solutions LTD) does not guarantee any shipping time. If customer thinks parcel is lost or delayed, he can contact customer Support. (New Way network Solutions LTD) will file in an inquiry only after 30 days after shipping date. Choosing EMS priority shipping, customer agrees that charge-back is possible only 60 days after the day parcel was shipped. Any disputes of payment charge-back before 60 days after shipping date will be refused stating to shipping terms customer has agreed when choosing EMS priority shipping.

Rates are automatically calculated by Online Shipping Calculator by shipment weight. Rates are custom duty unpaid.
Shipping charges can be calculated before ordering. Shipping charges will be added to your order at checkout. Since shipping cost is based on region, charges cannot be estimated until you provide requested information.

  • Shipping charges are not included in the price of the item.
  • Shipping time is not guaranteed, only estimated; shipping cost is guaranteed as stated at checkout. 
  • Custom duties are not included in cost of the product and are paid by customer at destination. Process of payment is handled by third party (usually carrier) and (New Way network Solutions LTD) is not responsible for incurred costs.
  • We are sorry, but we cannot refund the shipping charges for weather related delays.
  • We do not take responsibility for delayed arrivals on packages shipped to rural areas.
  • We do not take responsibility for delayed arrivals due to closed or delayed airport activity.

International Shipping (New Way network Solutions LTD) ships worldwide. PayPal payment is the preferred method for international orders; direct money transfer is also an option. International orders may require some forms of identification before processing. If web shop system cannot offer you shipping to your country or area that you reside in, please send us an email so we can check and possibly add your country or region in our system. If we may not be able process your order, we will cancel your order and refund payment if already made.

Overseas orders may be subject to import tax.

We are not responsible for any package that is damaged or lost due to another country customs or postal service. If the item is lost, damaged, or delayed by the shipping service - we are not responsible but will help you resolve the issue with delivery courier. Until resolved no refunds, credits, or replacements will be given by (New Way network Solutions LTD).


Effect of Customs processes on shipping time and extra costs

All International shipments are subject to possible delays due to customs and may incur additional customs duties or taxes.  We have no control over these charges and are not responsible for additional incurred customs charges.  Items are declared based on their charged value; we do not accept customer requests to markdown the item declarations (You would be defrauding your government which is illegal and punishable!) Any items shipped from one country to another are subject to customs fees.  So far we have received feedback from a very small percentage of international customers who have indicated that have had to pay customs fees, so we believe the majority of customers pay little or no customs charges.  But by placing an international order with us, you are acknowledging that you understand there may be customs fees in addition to the item costs and agree to pay any additional fees that are imposed.