• HIGH QUALITY: Our 3D glasses are made from only the highest quality material: T90 which is a plastic polymer known for its strong yet flexibile characteristics. They are super light weight and strong. The lenses are 1.4mm thick and are not flimsy. Use these 3D glasses over and over again.
  • CONVENIENT: These 3D glasses are circular polarized and will therefore work with all passive 3D TV's and RealD 3D cinemas/theaters (not IMAX). Bring them along anywhere you can use them. Two pairs in the box so you can enjoy them as a couple, or get two sets with a discount for the whole family.
  • COMFORT: The frame is designed to fit over your prescription glasses and be comfortable.
  • DURABLE: Two thick & real soft microfiber pouches are included to clean and store your 3D glasses. Keep them good for years to come.
  • IMPORTANT COMPATIBILITY MESSAGE: These 3D glasses are *not* compatible with Active 3D / Shutter 3D Systems and projectors. Before purchasing this set, we strongly recommend to first verify which technology your TV uses: passive or active. If the 3D glasses that came with the TV use batteries, then it's an active TV set and these 3D glasses will not work. Alternatively, check the TV's manual/search for your TV's brand/model online and verify if the TV uses the passive 3D system.

Polarized passive 3D Glasses

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